The Celtic Cross

Gravestone art

of the Celtic graveyard.



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             Welcome to the Celtic Cross.  We hope you will find interest in the weaving of color and culture.  Jane works in machine embroidery. David works in rubbings.

             After 22 years and  170 to 200 shows  -  we  are ....  older.   Therefore, consider "The Celtic Cross" as a business opportunity. A unique opportunity.      The Celtic Cross is for sale    

              But until then, we have a few  shows to do.  We hope to see you soon.


We do work in custom colorations to match your setting. Please feel free to contact us at   or  517-231-9611.

Here is our ETSY   link

Catalogs are available.  We do sales on  at  thecelticcross

Events  2022

Dublin Irish Fest         Thank you Dublin for a great show

Aug 18-21                    Milwaukee Irish Fest   

Dec. 2-4                        Winterfair Columbus